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Our starting points

Executive search is subject to many changes

Due to developments in social media which entail new search techniques. DLG Executive Search aims at embracing these new developments without losing sight of ethics. For this purpose we have defined some starting points which typify our method of working.

Respect for client and candidate:

Only then we are able to build a long-lasting fertile relationship based upon mutual trust.


Passion and the will to excel are our incentives to successfully conclude each assignment, including the complex ones.

Seniority of consultants:

Ample experience and expertise within a branch is crucial to be able to bring together both organization and candidate in a meaningful way. DLG therefore is only active in those branches in which their consultants feel comfortable.

A perfect fit between organization culture and candidate:

A perfect fit will only be established if there is full understanding for and between both parties. Thanks to our long experience on both the organizational and office side, we recognize cultures well and can perfectly anticipate.

Managing efficiently complex wishes and information to the core:

DLG always puts simplicity in communication first.

Result counts:

In the end it is about finding the right candidate for the job. DLG Executive Search works result-oriented, as it should.