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Your partner in search

Our senior consultants are familiar with the complexity of your market. They each have their specialism. Varying from Marketing Management to Human Resource Management. When necessary, we closely cooperate with our personal network of Active Business consultants. They always offer the correct complementary expertise. In short, this is how we can understand your business and needs.

DLG Executive Search mainly focuses on the following industries:

Within these industries, we concentrate on the following areas:

In the search process we give accurate feed-back to our clients at the agreed moments. Interim adjustment of the profile can therefore be realised at once, thus enlarging the possibility of a correct match.

Using this transparent approach we excel in finding the right person for the job.

Once the candidate has passed our and the client’s selection procedure and after consultation with the client, we will arrange a review interview by telephone with candidate.

Communication first, during and after the search process

In our procedure, we essentially reason from the points of interest that are important for our clients. Three aspects are important: