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Career Counselling and Outplacement

DLG Career Counselling helps managers and professionals make themselves even more suitable for the positions they hold. Our career specialists will coach them in making the correct and deliberate choices for the future. When you need assistance in an outplacement process, you have come to the right agency. We guide managers and specialists who, for example, due to a reorganization, are forced to choose another career.

Only the best results can be reached for both career counselling and outplacement if the following are considered:

To determine these, DLG makes use of the unique personality and talent analysis as developed by Essentive. This method is based upon choices people make consciously and subconsciously. It is not based upon behaviour and therefore no behaviour tests such as role plays, exercises and assessments are required. This is beneficial as sometimes they could be manipulated. In the outplacement process, the candidate – together with one of our professionals – will take the next five steps which will enable them to find the right new job.

Preparing the departure

Including first wishes regarding future job, bidding farewell, privacy rules with regard to leaving, writing a good CV and personal branding.

Market analysis

In this phase the application strategy is drawn up and possibilities in the market are thoroughly discussed.

The choice for the search agency

DLG has its own network which will be made accessible to the candidate. We have good contacts with a number of other executive search agencies within our network who too, could offer suitable vacancies. Experience proves that a good match between the candidate and the vacancy can be made within a short timeframe.


From a distance we will support the candidate for three months in the application process.

Networking and applying

In the first two sessions, the following items will be on the agenda: